The Greatest Cure

SIN is a disease, for which there is no cure,

Infecting all mankind and marking all for sure.

SINS are but the symptoms which we see all around

Creating all earth’s problems; great sorrows most profound.

Healing symptoms doesn’t work, for diseases still remain,

Turning leaves however new, still stays sins crimson stain.

God sent his Son so blessed, in whom there was no sin,

Mankind’s disease so awful never tainted Him within.

He only showed the symptoms of righteousness supreme,

In the eye of God the Father, Christ’s beauties shone full-beam.

Yet, ‘twas Christ who bore the suffering and awfulness of death.

The penalty of sinners when they draw their final breath.

Now his blood, before the Father, shed in perfect love divine.

Can cleanse each ruined sinner and make God’s glory shine,

In us who sin by nature and loved all its delight,

We can become like God’s own Son, forever sons of light.

So come, O friend, to Jesus, ask him to save today,

God will now in Christ’s own blood wash both sin and sins away.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could find a cure for cancer. It is the major disease in the modern world that kills the most people. Unfortunately it is not as simple as making a vaccine and immunising everyone against it. It doesn’t only run in families nor is it unique to those who stay in the sun too long. Alas, cancer begins within the cells of our own body when it simply makes a mistake or becomes damaged. While we can do things to reduce the risk of getting it there is always the chance of getting it. It has been said that everyone has some cancer but normally it is naturally kept under control.

Like cancer, sin infects everyone on earth. The result of sin are our sins, including adultery, lust, hatred, anger, war, greed and so on. These are the symptoms responsible for all the world’s suffering. It is passed from generation to generation and we all love to fall to its temptations. We are all as guilty as the next person whether our sins are many or few.

But if we read the Bible, as this poem shows, we find God’s great cure for mankind’s greatest death causing disease – not cancer but sin.

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