Good News!!!

How good can it get? All your debt of sin and guilt paid off. No more need for work and hard labour to remove those sins. Freedom to enjoy the privileges of a place , not as slaves but sons of God by adoption enjoying the liberty of our Heavenly Father’s house. It is so wonderful!

If you need peace, if you need security, if you need freedom from the weight of your sins then the wonderful news is:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believes on him may not perish, but have life eternal.” (John 3v16).

God has provided his own Son, Jesus Christ, so that He might die instead of us. Jesus came into the world with the purpose of dying for the sins of the world. He never sinned because, in reality, He was in fact God found “in the form of a bondman” (Philippians 2v…); the “Emmanuel” which means “God with us”. As a result he was the only one who could take away our sins by dying. “There is then now no condemnation in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8v1). When we die we only bear the judgement for our own sins but when the Lord Jesus died He could die for us because He had never sinned and was a complete delight to God.

He rose again from the dead. This was to prove to us that our sins are gone forever. If He still had our sins on him He could never have been accepted back into heaven for no sinner or sin can enter God’s presence. Now God is ready to accept the shed blood of Jesus instead of our own judgement. All God desires is that we confess that we really are a sinner and ask Him to save us.

He says that all who “call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved” (Romans 10v13). The good news is that everything has been done so that we can be saved. All that remains is to ask “Have you responded to this wonderful news”?



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