It is to us….

Many people have a two letter faith, with the letters spelling DO. All their energy and time goes into doing things which will please God, their church, their neighbours, any onlookers, themselves, local good causes etc. So much effort goes into ensuring they have things to DO that there is little time for the enjoyment of a relationship with their Creator, and no time for resting in the safety and peace He provides for us.

Our faith, which is not tied to any religious rituals, places or creeds, is definitely a four letter word : DONE.

And what has been done has not been through any efforts on our part. The Lord Jesus has DONE all that needs to be done to please God –we know there is nothing we can do which can “top” His great work! All we can do is to approach God trusting in the work of Jesus.

“What must I do that I may be saved?” “Believe on the Lord Jesus and you shall be saved.” (Acts 16v30&31)