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Good News!!!

by Shining Light

How good can it get? All your debt of sin and guilt paid off. No more need for work and hard labour to remove those sins. Freedom to enjoy the privileges of a place , not as slaves but sons of God by adoption enjoying the liberty of our Heavenly Father’s house. It is so […]

The Greatest Cure

by Shining Light

SIN is a disease, for which there is no cure, Infecting all mankind and marking all for sure. SINS are but the symptoms which we see all around Creating all earth’s problems; great sorrows most profound. Healing symptoms doesn’t work, for diseases still remain, Turning leaves however new, still stays sins crimson stain. God sent […]


by Shining Light

It is to us…. Many people have a two letter faith, with the letters spelling DO. All their energy and time goes into doing things which will please God, their church, their neighbours, any onlookers, themselves, local good causes etc. So much effort goes into ensuring they have things to DO that there is little […]