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Ready to Save, Ready to Forgive

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God is able to Save and God is able to Forgive because of the Lord Jesus Christ. It was Jesus who came to this earth on a rescue mission to bring Salvation to whosoever trust in him as Saviour. We being Sinners are far from God but in love God sent Jesus. Jesus has made it possible for us to know the certainty of heaven and Joy of our Sins being completely forgiven. We Just need to come to him in repentance and faith. He is Ready to Save, He is Ready to Forgive you!

Bible Verses Read:-

Psalm 86:5For thou, Lord, art good, and ready to forgive, and art of great loving-kindness unto all that call upon thee.”

Luke 7:36-50But one of the Pharisees begged him that he would eat with him. And entering into the house of the Pharisee he took his place at table;37 and behold, a woman in the city, who was a sinner, and knew that he was sitting at meat in the house of the Pharisee, having taken an alabaster box of myrrh,38 and standing at his feet behind [him] weeping, began to wash his feet with tears; and she wiped them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed [them] with the myrrh.39 And the Pharisee who had invited him, seeing it, spoke with himself saying, This [person] if he were a prophet would have known who and what the woman is who touches him, for she is a sinner.40 And Jesus answering said to him, Simon, I have somewhat to say to thee. And he says, Teacher, say [it].41 There were two debtors of a certain creditor: one owed five hundred denarii and the other fifty;42 but as they had nothing to pay, he forgave both of them [their debt]: [say,] which of them therefore will love him most?

43 And Simon answering said, I suppose he to whom he forgave the most. And he said to him, Thou hast rightly judged.44 And turning to the woman he said to Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thy house; thou gavest me not water on my feet, but *she* has washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with her hair.45 Thou gavest me not a kiss, but *she* from the time I came in has not ceased kissing my feet.46 My head with oil thou didst not anoint, but *she* has anointed my feet with myrrh.47 For which cause I say to thee, Her many sins are forgiven; for she loved much; but he to whom little is forgiven loves little.48 And he said to her, Thy sins are forgiven.49 And they that were with [them] at table began to say within themselves, Who is this who forgives also sins? 50 And he said to the woman, Thy faith has saved thee; go in peace.”

Psalm 45:1 “My heart is welling forth [with] a good matter: I say what I have composed touching the king. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

Romans 10:13 “For every one whosoever, who shall call on the name of the Lord, shall be saved.”



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