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Decision For Christ

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What will you do with Jesus who is called Christ? This question was asked to the crowds by Pilate at the trial of Jesus. As the Gospel is preached this question comes to you today. What will you do with Jesus? The Saviour of the world who God sent to bring salvation to mankind.

Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation 

Genesis 3:6And the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was a pleasure for the eyes, and the tree was to be desired to give intelligence; and she took of its fruit, and ate, and gave also to her husband with her, and he ate.”

Romans 6:2323 For the wages of sin [is] death; but the act of favour of God, eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Acts 4:12 12 And salvation is in none other, for neither is there another name under heaven which is given among men by which we must be saved.”

Matthew 27:2222 Pilate says to them, What then shall I do with Jesus, who is called Christ? They all say, Let him be crucified.”

John 12:4848 He that rejects me and does not receive my words, has him who judges him: the word which I have spoken, that shall judge him in the last day.”

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