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Jesus, Hope for Sinners

Jesus is the object and source of hope. Many today turn to money, people and many others things to find hope but only Jesus can satisfy our hearts. Listen to the following Gospel, to discover how Jesus can give you an unshakeable everlasting hope.  

God’s Mighty Hand Saves Sinners

Jesus came into the world to save and redeem sinners to himself. God’s love for each one of us was so great he didn’t pass the sinner by but he has provided a way of salvation through his beloved son, Jesus Christ.

The Unchanging Message of the Gospel

The Gospel is still going out because of God’s great love and mercy to mankind. God has provided the answer for us to have our sins forgiven and peace in our heart. The answer is found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to this gospel message to discover how you can be saved and forgiven because of Jesus and his love.