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Three Encounters with Christ

In the following gospel preaching, you will hear of three men who each had an encounter with the Lord Jesus. Have a listen to this message to find out what took place in each of these encounters with Christ.

The Power of God

God is able to save you and cleanse you from your sins through the work Jesus completed at Calvary’s cross. Have you been redeemed?  There is power in the blood of Jesus to save you and bring you into God’s presence. The power of God makes it possible simply believe and trust in Jesus and he will make all things new.     

Is Jesus Among You?

It can be very easy for believers to fall into a routine of things throughout the Christian life. Sometimes we can get so occupied with the things at school, work or in our lives that we leave the Lord on the outside. Is Jesus among you? 

The Precious Blood of Jesus

The believer is able to enjoy the full blessings of God because of the precious blood of Jesus. How much do you value the blood of Jesus?  Every Christian should appreciate Jesus more day by day as we realise what we’ve been saved from and how much he loves us.   


  • Gail Owens / July 20, 2017:
    Very blessed to have found this website. I used to attend meetings in Basildon from time to time, see...
  • Liz / May 14, 2017:
    Thanks for the recordings. I'm not well at the moment, so glad to not miss Hampton entirely,yesterday.\thanks Ashers! XX.
  • Mr Daniel Roberts / February 1, 2017:
    Dear Ashley, Robert Munster just told me of your website. Trust you will be encouraged. Greetings in our Lord....
  • Susan Soukoreff / November 25, 2016:
    I really enjoy this site. It is nice to be able to just play a recording whenever I feel...
  • Stephen HILL / July 29, 2016:
    would love to hear some older recordings from the 70s, 80s, 90s - as well as singing
  • Ken Clark / September 2, 2015:
    Been enjoying this site for a few months now, and proving much comfort and encouragement from it. May God...