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As for Me…

In this address, you will hear of four men Asaph, Micah, David and Joshua who stated their convictions to make a stand for the Lord. “As for Me…”

The Harvest is Past

“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Are you saved? The glorious news of the Gospel is there is a saviour who is able to save us and redeem, his name is Jesus.


  • Helen Church / November 16, 2017:
    I have been enjoying the preachings for some time and have now discovered the hymns and singing. These... »
  • Robert Durkin / September 30, 2017:
    Wow, what a treasury of wonderful hymns! I haven't come upon recordings like this in such a long... »
  • Gail Owens / July 20, 2017:
    Very blessed to have found this website. I used to attend meetings in Basildon from time to time,... »
  • Liz / May 14, 2017:
    Thanks for the recordings. I'm not well at the moment, so glad to not miss Hampton entirely,yesterday.\thanks Ashers!... »
  • Mr Daniel Roberts / February 1, 2017:
    Dear Ashley, Robert Munster just told me of your website. Trust you will be encouraged. Greetings in our... »