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Life if found alone in Jesus

Jesus came into this world to bring life to the perishing sinner. The bible says mankind has fallen short of the glory of God but in the Gospel, there is hope for us to receive life in Jesus Christ. Jesus went to Calvary’s cross to redeem fallen man by shedding his precious blood so God would be able to cleanse us righteously. Oh, what a saviour! 

The Gospel Light

The Gospel changes lives! When Paul met the Lord on the Damascus Road he never was the same again, when the Philippian Jailer trusted in Jesus as saviour he was saved. The Gospel light is still shining today and changing lives. Listen to this Gospel preaching to discover how your life can be saved through the person of the Lord Jesus and the work he completed at Calvary’s cross.

Will You Accept God’s Invitation?

By God’s grace, the Gospel has been presented many times throughout the ages of history. Today because God loves you there is another opportunity for you to respond to God’s invitation.  All things are ready! Jesus has completed everything at Calvary’s cross that you may come into the blessing of eternal life. Will You Accept God’s Invitation?

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  • Tim-F / September 20, 2018:
    Really appreciate this web-site Ashley.....May the Lord richly bless it »
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    Thank you for this encouraging website! I look forward to listening to the Bible messages here. »
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    Just stumbled across this website. Wonderful resource with lots of names recognised... some whom I remember well and appreciate greatly. Thank you! »
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    I have just discovered this site. I plan to return to explore further. I am a preacher in Ontario in Canada. The gospel message is... »