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A Real Change

When God began to work in the hearts of the men and women at the church of Thessalonica a real change took place. The scriptures tell us they turned to God from Idols to service to the living God. As the apostle, Paul preached the message of Jesus they turned to God and sought to live faithfully to him. 

The Holiness of God

The holiness of God is central to the character of the God we’ve come to know and love from the pages of scripture. When we come together to worship God we should always remember God is holy and we should show reverence in his holy presence.  Listen to this word, to understand more about the holiness of God. 

Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins

God desires to bless us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens but to come into the full enjoyment of these blessings the bible says we first need to come to Jesus and accepted him as our Lord and Saviour. Our sins separate us from obtaining these great blessings but God out of great love for you has reached out to you through his son the Lord Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago Jesus came into this world to save his people from their sins and provide Salvation for all who believe and trust in him. 

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