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God’s Rescue Plan

Jesus came over 2000 years ago as part of God’s rescue plan to save sinners from perishing. God’s love for you was so great Jesus willing went to Calvary’s cross to provide a means of salvation by laying down his life and shedding his precious blood. Listen to this Gospel preaching, to find out more about God’s amazing rescue plan. 

Divine Intervention

When mankind sinned and fell short of God’s glory God himself sanctioned a rescue plan to redeem fallen man. God’s love for us was so great he sent his only son, the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from perishing.

The Fullness Of Christ

In the epistle of the Ephesians, Paul encourages believers to fix their eyes on the fullness of Christ. Listen to this address to understand what the scriptures say about the fullness of Christ and the mystery of this revelation. 

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  • Nigel Herbert / April 6, 2018:
    Just stumbled across this website. Wonderful resource with lots of names recognised... some whom I remember well and appreciate greatly. Thank you! »
  • Lorne Langfeld / April 6, 2018:
    I have just discovered this site. I plan to return to explore further. I am a preacher in Ontario in Canada. The gospel message is... »
  • Iain Jamieson / December 3, 2017:
    Dear Friends, My name is Iain Jamieson, I have recently moved from Inverness to London for my first graduate job. I am in fellowship at... »