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What is the Assembly? – Compass 2015

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What is the Assembly? In this talk from Compass, you will hear what the scriptures say about the bride of Christ, the assembly.


Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation 

Genesis 2:21-2421 And Jehovah Elohim caused a deep sleep to fall upon Man; and he slept. And he took one of his ribs and closed up flesh in its stead.22 And Jehovah Elohim built the rib that he had taken from Man into a woman; and brought her to Man.

23 And Man said, This time it is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh: this shall be called Woman, because this was taken out of a man.24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.”

Ephesians 5:25 “Christ also loved the assembly, and has delivered himself up for it”

Revelation 21:1010 And he carried me away in [the] Spirit, [and set me] on a great and high mountain, and shewed me the holy city, Jerusalem, coming down out of the heaven from God,”

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