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The Glad Tidings of Jesus

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In this preaching, you will hear about The Glad Tidings of Jesus. Throughout history, there has been many stories and messages passed down through the generations but the Gospel is the greatest story ever told. God sent his Son, Jesus Christ into the world to rescue fallen man from perishing. Today by God’s grace the Gospel continues to be proclaimed because God desires for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.

Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation 

Proverbs 25:25 “25 [As] cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”

Acts 8:26-39 26 But [the] angel of [the] Lord spoke to Philip, saying, Rise up and go southward on the way which goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza: the same is desert.27 And he rose up and went. And lo, an Ethiopian, a eunuch, a man in power under Candace queen of the Ethiopians, who was over all her treasure, who had come to worship at Jerusalem,28 was returning and sitting in his chariot: and he was reading the prophet Esaias.29 And the Spirit said to Philip, Approach and join this chariot.30 And Philip, running up, heard him reading the prophet Esaias, and said, Dost thou then know what thou art reading of?

31 And he said, How should I then be able unless some one guide me? And he begged Philip to come up and sit with him.32 And the passage of the scripture which he read was this: He was led as a sheep to slaughter, and as a lamb is dumb in presence of him that shears him, thus he opens not his mouth.33 In his humiliation his judgment has been taken away, and who shall declare his generation? for his life is taken from the earth.34 And the eunuch answering Philip said, I pray thee, concerning whom does the prophet say this? of himself or of some other? 35 And Philip, opening his mouth and beginning from that scripture, announced the glad tidings of Jesus to him.

36 And as they went along the way, they came upon a certain water, and the eunuch says, Behold water; what hinders my being baptised?38 And he commanded the chariot to stop. And they went down both to the water, both Philip and the eunuch, and he baptised him.39 But when they came up out of the water [the] Spirit of [the] Lord caught away Philip, and the eunuch saw him no longer, for he went on his way rejoicing.”

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