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God Looking out in Love

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In the Gospel, we see God’s heart toward mankind. In John chapter three it tells us that “God so loved the world that he gave his only son” Amazing love! – He sent Jesus to bring Salvation to mankind. This great Salvation still is available today and you can receive it through faith in Christ.

Bible Scripture Read:

 John 8:11“Neither do I condemn thee”

John 8:1-11But Jesus went to the mount of Olives.And early in the morning he came again into the temple, and all the people came to him; and he sat down and taught them.And the scribes and the Pharisees bring [to him] a woman taken in adultery, and having set her in the midst,they say to him, Teacher, this woman has been taken in the very act, committing adultery.

Now in the law Moses has commanded us to stone such; thou therefore, what sayest thou?But this they said proving him, that they might have [something] to accuse him [of]. But Jesus, having stooped down, wrote with his finger on the ground.But when they continued asking him, he lifted himself up and said to them, Let him that is without sin among you first cast the stone at her.And again stooping down he wrote on the ground.But they, having heard [that], went out one by one beginning from the elder ones until the last; and Jesus was left alone and the woman standing there.10 And Jesus, lifting himself up and seeing no one but the woman, said to her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? Has no one condemned thee?11 And she said, No one, sir. And Jesus said to her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”



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