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Christ is Risen

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Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago on a rescue mission. If we take a look around us today or even back in history we see one big barrier separating us from a holy and righteous God. That barrier is “SIN”. It may only be a three-letter word, but it is what is separating YOU from God. The Bible tells us that “ALL have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;” (Romans 3:23) That includes you! And the Bible also tells us that “the wages of sin [is] death;” (Romans 6:23)

Now that is a problem…This sin-barrier is too much for us to take on ourselves. In fact, there is no way we can remove it on our own. That is why God sent someone to REMOVE it completely, a Saviour; Jesus Christ. God sent His OWN Son Jesus, to die in your place. He was crucified on a cross and shed His blood for YOU!

But that is not the END! Three days later Jesus arose….Because Jesus was perfect, nothing could keep Him in death, and He is living today. How amazing – the Saviour of the human race has brought salvation which is available to all! Jesus shed His precious blood! By this great sacrifice, God is able to cleanse.

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Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation

1 Corinthians 15:1-4 “But I make known to you, brethren, the glad tidings which I announced to you, which also ye received, in which also ye stand,2 by which also ye are saved, (if ye hold fast the word which I announced to you as the glad tidings,) unless indeed ye have believed in vain.3 For I delivered to you, in the first place, what also I had received, that Christ died for our sins, according to the scriptures; 4 and that he was buried; and that he was raised the third day, according to the scriptures”


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