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Is Jesus Precious to You?


Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago on a rescue mission. If we take a look around us today or even back in history we see one big barrier separating us from a holy and righteous God. That barrier is “SIN”. It may only be a three letter word, but it is what is separating YOU from God. his sin-barrier is too much for us to take on ourselves. In fact there is no way we can remove it on our own. That is why God sent someone to REMOVE it completely, a Saviour; Jesus Christ. God sent His OWN Son Jesus, to die in your place. He was crucified on a cross and shed His blood for YOU!



Where is safety to be found in the world today? Well, the bible tells us we can find safety in God’s only son the Lord Jesus Christ a firm foundation. As you listen to this Gospel preaching you will hear more of the safety there is in Christ. Bible Scriptures: Proverbs 18:10  2 Timothy 1:12 […]

Someone Who Cares


Jesus cares about you! He came into this world to rescue mankind from the awful power of sin. In our sins, we can’t enter into the presence of God as He is holy and righteous. But God wanted mankind to be in a real living relationship with Him. He cared so much for mankind that […]

Hear Him


The Gospel is still going out by the grace of God that you may hear the Saviour’s voice. As you listen to this Gospel preaching you will hear of what Jesus has done to bring about Salvation for mankind. Which can be received by turning in repentance towards God and putting full faith in the […]

The Patient One


The Gospel is a wonderful message about a wonderful Saviour. “The Lord Jesus Christ” Who has brought to mankind Salvation so rich, so full and so free. The Bible tells us so clearly that we are all sinners before a holy and righteous God. This is why we are separated from God as he cannot have […]

How we can enter the Kingdom of God?


There is only one way to enter the Kingdom of God. Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago to make the way to it. “Through Him” As you listen to this Gospel Preaching you will learn of how there is a need to receive Jesus as your Saviour. The Bible says we are […]