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The Journey of Life


Life… is one big journey. No matter what stage you are at on the Journey of Life a relationship with Jesus should be at the centre. Listen to this Gospel to discover the journey the Lord Jesus took to redeem sinners from perishing.

Jesus Changes Everything


Jesus Changes Everything… Accept him as your Saviour today and see how Jesus can change you. He has the power to save you from your sins by the victorious work he completed at calvary’s cross. Simply trust him!

Fear Not


God is still saying to mankind today “Fear Not, for I Have Redeemed Thee” Jesus came over 2000 years ago on a rescue mission to redeem you. Have you been redeemed?



Come and explore the contrasts of Luke 15 as the Lord Jesus is presented as Saviour and Lord in the following Gospel preaching.

Is it Nothing to You?


Over 2000 years ago Jesus left his home in heaven to come to this earth to save you. He journeyed to calvary’s cross and suffered and died at the hands of man to save you. Is it Nothing to You?

I Stand in Awe of Jesus


Jesus has the power to forgive sins and restore our relationship with God. The love of God is so great he has provided a saviour.  It is our desire as you listen to the following gospel message that you may come to know the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. Bible Scripture: Darby Translation Psalm 119:161 […]