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Four Musts


2017 has passed… 2018 is just beginning and God in his great love for you is still proclaiming the message of Jesus and the way of salvation. Over the past 52 weeks of 2017, you may have heard many Gospel Preachings but have you responded to God’s great invitation? 

Questions from Scripture


As you listen to the following Gospel preaching you will be presented with six very important questions from scripture that require an answer. These questions are from God’s word and in his loving grace he has given you another opportunity for you to respond to the questions he is asking.

The Answer for our Salvation


This world has many answers to many question. But when it come to the question of Salvation from our sins. What is the Answer? Well the world would say good works, going to church or even giving money to charity. But the Bible tells us the answer is found in a person the Lord Jesus […]

God’s Invitation


The Gospel in a great invitation from God to mankind. As you listen you will hear of a man called Jesus Christ who came into this world to save sinners.  So come and hear the Gospel, the message of salvation so full and yet so free. Bible Scriptures: Luke 14:16 Luke 7:39

Seek ye the Lord


The greatest news in the whole world is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. He came over 2000 years ago to bring the way of Salvation to mankind. Today the Gospel is still going out and the work Jesus did on the cross still stands out. He was perfect in every way the bible […]

God sent forth His Son


The Bible tells us that we are sinners which means We’ve broken God’s laws and are far from Him because of it. But God having so much love for us has a invitation to us all. That invitation is called the Gospel. It is all about Jesus Christ “God’s only son” and how he was […]