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Are you searching for peace? There is only one person who can bring a true sense of peace to our heart and that person is the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the following Gospel message to discover how you can find true peace with God by trusting and believing in Christ.

Satisfied by trusting Christ


There are many things people do to find satisfaction. Maybe you think a new car or a new house will answer all your needs to be satisfied. But when these things come your way you’re still on the same road unsatisfied. The Lord Jesus is the only person who has the answer for our souls […]

Be Delivered from Doubt


In this Gospel preaching, you will hear of two men John and Thomas. These two men had some doubts in their hearts about the Lord Jesus but they were put to rest by the grace of the Lord. In this Gospel, you will hear about the Lord Jesus who has provided a secure foundation for […]

Trust in the Saviour


The Gospel message isn’t a complicated one. It’s a simple message about God’s great love and mercy towards mankind. The Bible tells us as sinners we are separated from God’s holy presence. But God’s love was so great for mankind that He’s sent his only begotten son “Jesus Christ” to rescue the sinner. It is […]