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There is Power in the Blood


The Bible says our sins are the reason we have been separated from a relationship with the holy God. Our natural reaction may be to go to church, do some good charitable deed to earn favour with God.  In this Gospel preaching, you will hear about the Lord Jesus who came into this world as a saviour for sinners and shed his precious blood to provide salvation for you. It was at Calvary where God dealt with our sin and has provided salvation through the blood of Christ. There is Power in the Blood!

Dead to Sin, Alive to God


Through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, the believer can be freed from sin and made alive to God. Listen to the following Gospel message to understand how you can enjoy the salvation of God through the saviour Jesus Christ.

Who is Jesus Christ?


Who is Jesus Christ? For over 2000 years mankind has been asking this question. Some say he was a historical figure, a good teacher, a prophet sent by God but who is Jesus to you? Jesus asked his disciples “Who do you say that I am?” Peter one of the twelve who followed Jesus said in response to that question “You have the words of eternal life” In the following message discover who Jesus really is as you listen to Gospel.

Who can forgive sins?


If we take a look around us today we see one big barrier separating us from a holy and righteous God. That barrier is “SIN”. This sin-barrier is too much for us to take on ourselves. In fact, there is no way we can remove it on our own. That is why God sent someone to […]

“Every Spiritual Blessing”


God is so gracious towards us. He wants to bless you with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly’s. We sure don’t deserve these blessing he wants to bless us with but he gives them to us because of his deep love for us. He so loved the world that he gave his son the Lord […]

God is Light and God is Love


The Bible tells us that we are sinners before a holy and righteous God. Now that’s a problem because God being perfect and righteous can not have imperfect people in his presence. But God so loved the world that he sent his ONLY Son Jesus Christ on a rescue mission. He came to this earth […]