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Who hath believed our report?


Do you need Salvation? Do you need saving from your sins? Today by God’s grace the Gospel invitation is still being preached so that you may come to know Jesus as your Saviour. Listen to the following Gospel message to discover the love, grace and salvation of God that is available for you through the work of Christ.    

No other Name under Heaven


Each person on this earth has a name. But there has only ever been one name, one person by which the sinner can be saved.  The Gospel presents the person you need and that person is the Lord Jesus Christ. Come and hear all about Him in this Gospel preaching. Bible Scriptures: Proverbs 30:3 Luke […]

A Work Complete


The Gospel is the Greatest message of all. Its Good news to the sinner that there is Salvation completely in the one person and Saviour Jesus Christ. He came to this earth on a rescue mission the Bible says Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. Who’s a sinner? Well the Bible says […]

“The Valley of Decision”


The Bible tells us very clearly that we are all sinners. We also learn from the Bible that God is Holy and righteous. As sinners how can we enter Heaven with a God who is so righteous? We can’t on any good work or act of our own. But we can through the Saviour “Jesus […]

Come and Dine


For the body to grow and receive strength we need to be sustained with food and drink regularly. This same allegory applies to the believer’s spiritual life. If we are to grow as a Christian and be strong in the Lord we need to be fed on the word of God. Jesus in his loving grace invites us to Come and Dine so we may be sustained by our time in his presence.