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What is the Will of God?


Many believers over history have been searching for the answer to this very popular question. “What is the Will of God?” In the following address, you will hear what the scriptures say about the will of God and how we can know it as we live for Christ.

No Greater Love


Throughout all of history of this world there has been no greater love than the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this Gospel preaching you will hear about the wonderful love Jesus had for sinners that led him to the cross. Bible Scriptures :Darby Translation  1. John 15:13 “ No one has greater love than […]

“I know whom I have believed”

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This world has always been a very uncertain place no matter what the year, day or mouth is. In this Gospel preaching you will hear of  Paul the Apostle  a man who was very certain in an uncertain world in whom he believed. Right from the moment the Lord Jesus met him on the damascus road […]

Do you Know God?


If we take a look at the world today or even back in history we see one great big barrier separating us from a holy and righteous God. That barrier is “SIN”. It may only be a three letter word, but it is what is separating YOU from God. But God in his great love sent […]

The Matter of Prayer


As a Christian our life should be marked out with prayer. However it is very easy to put our prayers aside as we live in world full of distractions. In this address you will hear about the importance prayer is through the Christian’s life. Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation  1. Luke 6:12-19 “And it came to pass in […]