Yeovil Gospel Preachings

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Here you can have a listen to Gospel preachings from Yeovil meeting.

The Gospel in the Story of Joseph


Ever since mankind sinned God had a plan of salvation in mind to redeem his people. Have a listen to the Gospel in the story of Joseph and discover how much God has given to offer you salvation.

The Right to be Children of God


When someone obeys the Gospel and trusts in the Lord Jesus as their saviour they are given the right to be called a child of God. How is this possible? Because of the victorious work Jesus has completed at the cross.

The Great Love of God


In the following Gospel preaching you will hear about the great love of God, and the work he has done to save you from your sins. The Bible only proclaims one way of salvation and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. We trust as you listen to this Gospel recording you will come to trust in Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

An Unchanging God and a Unchanging Saviour


Everyday you wake up there is something new under the sun. This world is always changing from the second you put your head on the pillow until you wake up. But God never changes and his love never changes. The Gospel is still going out because of God’s great love and mercy to mankind. God has provided […]

Unseen but Eternal


In this Gospel preaching you will hear of two men one was poor the other rich. The rich man was looking for a way he could use his money and the poor man was looking to get something to satisfy him. The Bible tells us they that they were both focusing on the material things. […]

The Place the Lord’s Taken


The Lord Jesus has taken the place of Saviour and the Good News of the Gospel is that Jesus is the Saviour of Sinners. The Bible says “all have sinned a fallen short of the glory of God” and so Jesus came into this world that the sinner might be forgiven and brought into a […]

Why the Cross?


In this Gospel preaching, you will hear the answer to the most asked question people ask while hearing the Gospel. Which is; “Why the Cross?” All around the world at Easter people have this question on their minds. Well as you listen to this Gospel preaching you will hear of how you can receive eternal […]

Set Free


The Bible tells us if we accept Christ as our Saviour and Lord we can be set free. If the Son of God sets us free we are really free. Amazing! Come and hear of this great Saviour who has provided such great way of Salvation. Bible Scriptures:- 1. Leviticus 25:9 2. Luke 4:20 3. […]

Jesus gave Everything!


The Lord Jesus Christ came into this world as Saviour. He gave everything to bring Salvation available to you. The Bible says we are sinners and we have fallen short of God’s holy standard. So how then can we be made up to God’s standard? Well, we can’t by anything of our own but God can […]