Worthing Addresses

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Below you can listen to recordings of Addresses from Worthing meeting.

Be Strong & Courageous


The Lord calls for believers to be strong and courageous on our Christian journey. In this address, you will hear what the scriptures say about being courageous and strong for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Knowing Jesus


In the following address, you will hear about Knowing Jesus. Jesus desires for believers to be on a daily and personal walk with Him. How well do you know Jesus? Do you seek the Lord presence daily?

Christ our Righteousness


God is perfect and the place where he dwells “Heaven” is perfect. Jesus tells us that if we want to enter heaven we need to be righteous. How can this be? Listen to the following address to discover how you can be made perfect in the eyes of God.

Safe in the Arms of Jesus


There is complete security for the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. We live in a very busy and uncertain world but the one thing a Christian can be sure about is the victory Jesus has won. Jesus said “I am the door all who enter in by me shall be saved”. There is no […]

The Matter of Prayer


As a Christian our life should be marked out with prayer. However it is very easy to put our prayers aside as we live in world full of distractions. In this address you will hear about the importance prayer is through the Christian’s life. Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation  1. Luke 6:12-19 “And it came to pass in […]

A Word for the Professor, the Confessor & the Rejecter


If Jesus came back today would he take you home to heaven as a Christian? Many say I go to church, I do good works and I own a Bible but the question is do you know Jesus as your own personal saviour? Listen to this Gospel preaching and discover how you can be saved because Jesus went to Calvary. 

The Presence of the Lord Jesus


As a Christian, the presence of Lord Jesus is known to us. For he made himself know to us by coming in with Salvation. We have a hope of Heaven and we know we are going there to be with Christ in reality. But now while we wait for his coming we can have a […]