Sevenoaks Gospel Preachings

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Here you can have a listen to Gospel preachings from Sevenoaks meeting.

“Lord, Save Me”


Many storms and trials in life can sometimes make us fearful and feel alone but God has provided a saviour who loves us and wants to save us. His name is Jesus and he is able to meet your every need. Simply trust him! 

“Thou art weighed in the balances, and found Wanting”


Millions of people today are on the lookout for a way to have peace with God. Many seek for this in money, fast cars and fancy careers but none of these avenues provides the answer. “Thou art weighed in the balances, and found Wanting” Only Jesus can meet our need. Simply trust him!

Jesus Standing…


Each of the following scriptures read refers to Jesus standing. Today he’s still standing with his arms outstretched to bless you. He wants you to come into the joy of salvation. Oh, sinner won’t you come! Come to Jesus the one who can meet your every need.

Is it Nothing to You?


Over 2000 years ago Jesus left his home in heaven to come to this earth to save you. He journeyed to calvary’s cross and suffered and died at the hands of man to save you. Is it Nothing to You?

God’s Unchanging Love


God has given Jesus his only begotten son as a saviour for sinners. Over 2000 years ago he left his home in heaven and came to this earth to save his people from their sins. Listen to the following, gospel preaching to hear about the amazing love of God that is demonstrated to us at calvary’s cross.

God Gave His Son


The Good News of the Gospel is that God has made a way in which the sinner can be forgiven, made new and have eternal life. God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ. Who came to this earth to save sinners He knew no sin but the Bible […]