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Below you can listen to and download recordings of word's from a ministry meeting. I trust as you listen you may be encouraged from God's word the Bible.

There are various meetings across the UK, Europe USA and Canada. To find out more about your local meetings, contact us at

The Holiness of God


The holiness of God is central to the character of the God we’ve come to know and love from the pages of scripture. When we come together to worship God we should always remember God is holy and we should show reverence in his holy presence.  Listen to this word, to understand more about the holiness of God. 



Jesus was consistent in every department of his life every word, every thought and every act gave God fresh delight. It is God desires for you to be a consistent Christian for the testimony of the Lord. 

Exaltation & Warning


In the following word, you will hear what the book of Hebrews has to say to us about Exaltation & Warning. God desires for the Chrisitan to walk faithfully and be a true witness for the Lord Jesus.

Pursuing & Striving


As Christians, we should pursue the things of God and strive for Christ. In this word, you will hear what the scriptures say about Pursuing & Striving in the Chrisitan life. 

Be Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ


Paul in his second letter to Timothy instructs believers to make a stand and be good soldiers of Jesus Christ. There are many things that can derail the Christian while we wait for the Lord’s return but the Apostle Paul wants to encourage all believers to stand strong and be a faithful testimony.

Is Jesus Among You?


It can be very easy for believers to fall into a routine of things throughout the Christian life. Sometimes we can get so occupied with the things at school, work or in our lives that we leave the Lord on the outside. Is Jesus among you? 

The Precious Blood of Jesus


The believer is able to enjoy the full blessings of God because of the precious blood of Jesus. How much do you value the blood of Jesus?  Every Christian should appreciate Jesus more day by day as we realise what we’ve been saved from and how much he loves us.   

The Quietness of the Lord’s Presence


Often the worries of life and the fast pace environment in which we live can sometimes distract us from running the Christian race. God invites each believer to set aside the pressures of life and spend time at the feet of Jesus. So we may remain strong in the Lord, keep the faith and complete the race.



The Lord Jesus is a person who was selfless in every movement that he made. This same character should mark us as believers as we seek to live out the Christian life.