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Below you can listen to recordings of Addresses from Worthing meeting.

As for Me…


In this address, you will hear of four men Asaph, Micah, David and Joshua who stated their convictions to make a stand for the Lord. “As for Me…”

Jesus Our Perfect Model


For the believer, Jesus is the perfect model for us to follow. He is the one true person we should learn from as we seek to live a godly life in service for him in this world.

The Knowledge of God


God in his great love for us has fully revealed himself to us through his son the Lord Jesus Christ. This fundamental truth should deeply move us as Christians to worship the God who has drawn near to us. Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation  John 1:14-18 “And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us (and we […]

Why are Christians left on the Earth?


Have you ever wondered as a believer in the Lord Jesus why you are left on the earth? Well in this address you will hear of what God’s true purpose is for each one of us as believers. I trust you will find this recording of help and encouragement.

The Name of the Lord


In this address, you will hear what the scriptures mean when they refer to the name of the Lord. I trust as you listen to this Address you may be encouraged to learn more as to the Name of the Lord. Bible Scriptures Read:- 1. Proverbs 18:10 2. 1 Samuel 18:43 3. Genesis 4:25 4. […]

Impressions Of Christ


If you read the Bible and Study it you will notice there are many Impressions Of Christ. It’s not just a history Book. It’s His Story! As you read all 66 books of the Bible you will notice that Christ is the centre of it. When you read the Old Testament and the New Testament […]



There is rest for the believer in the tender love of Jesus. Are you resting in the love of Jesus? It is God’s desire that you may find rest for your soul in the glorious saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.