Honiton Gospel Preachings

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Here you can have a listen to Gospel preachings from Honiton meeting.



In the Gospel, we see so much love shown towards us in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. He came into this world to save sinners to bring salvation. As you listen to this Gospel preaching you will hear of how Jesus is victoriously able to save you and give you eternal life. Bible […]

The Image of the Cross


What Jesus has completed at the Cross is central to Christianity. It tells us of our punishment but it also tells us of a Saviour. For it was Jesus Christ who came and step into our place to bring Salvation for sinners. We being a Sinner means we are a lawbreaker. We’ve broken God’s law […]



Whoever comes to the Lord Jesus he will receive and welcome into his presence. The Gospel is the greatest invitation in history and it is still being proclaimed today by the grace of God.  Jesus came to make the love of God known listen to the following gospel preaching to discover more about the Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.