Gospel Recordings

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Below are some Gospel audio Messages you can listen to. Our hope is that listeners come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and know him as Lord and Saviour.

There are various meetings across the UK, Europe USA and Canada. To find out more about your local meetings, contact us via our contact page.

A Real Change


When God began to work in the hearts of the men and women at the church of Thessalonica a real change took place. The scriptures tell us they turned to God from Idols to service to the living God. As the apostle, Paul preached the message of Jesus they turned to God and sought to live faithfully to him. 

Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins


God desires to bless us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens but to come into the full enjoyment of these blessings the bible says we first need to come to Jesus and accepted him as our Lord and Saviour. Our sins separate us from obtaining these great blessings but God out of great love for you has reached out to you through his son the Lord Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago Jesus came into this world to save his people from their sins and provide Salvation for all who believe and trust in him. 

The Unchangeable Gospel


The Gospel is still going out because of God’s great love and mercy to mankind. God has provided the answer for us to have our sins forgiven and peace in our heart. The answer is found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the unchangeable gospel message to discover how you can be saved and forgiven because of Jesus and his love.

God’s Rescue Plan


Jesus came over 2000 years ago as part of God’s rescue plan to save sinners from perishing. God’s love for you was so great Jesus willing went to Calvary’s cross to provide a means of salvation by laying down his life and shedding his precious blood. Listen to this Gospel preaching, to find out more about God’s amazing rescue plan. 

Divine Intervention


When mankind sinned and fell short of God’s glory God himself sanctioned a rescue plan to redeem fallen man. God’s love for us was so great he sent his only son, the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from perishing.

Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb


Jesus came into this world to redeem sinners by going to Calvary’s cross.  The Bible says our sins have separated from his holy presence but through at the cross of Christ, we see God’s infinite love, grace and mercy displayed for us.  Even though we walked away from God he still desires to bless by redeeming us by the blood of the lamb. 

Seeing Jesus


Each of the scriptures read in this gospel preaching refer to seeing Jesus. Mankind looks to many things today find joy, peace & satisfaction but nothing seems to satisfy. God sent Jesus his only son that your soul might find satisfaction in Him. Jesus came over 200 years ago to redeem us that we might know his everlasting love. 

The Word of the Cross


Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago on a rescue mission. If we take a look around us today or even back in history we see one big barrier separating us from a holy and righteous God. That barrier is “SIN”. It may only be a three letter word, but it is what is separating […]

There is Power in the Blood


The Bible says our sins are the reason we have been separated from a relationship with the holy God. Our natural reaction may be to go to church, do some good charitable deed to earn favour with God.  In this Gospel preaching, you will hear about the Lord Jesus who came into this world as a saviour for sinners and shed his precious blood to provide salvation for you. It was at Calvary where God dealt with our sin and has provided salvation through the blood of Christ. There is Power in the Blood!

A Future of Certainty


Many people today are searching for certainty whether it be in politics, their career or the next business deal.  The Gospel is preached that you may find the certainty Jesus can bring to your life when you trust in him as Lord and Saviour.