Gospel Recordings

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Below are some Gospel audio Messages you can listen to. Our hope is that listeners come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and know him as Lord and Saviour.

There are various meetings across the UK, Europe USA and Canada. To find out more about your local meetings, contact us at recordings@preacherscorner.org.uk.

The Harvest is Past


“The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” Are you saved? The glorious news of the Gospel is there is a saviour who is able to save us and redeem, his name is Jesus.

In Christ Alone


 As a result of the Reformation, Martin Luther passionately proclaimed the following five solas that are fundamental to the Gospel. Christ alone, grace alone, faith alone, to the glory of God alone and Scripture alone. In this Gospel message, you will hear how we can be saved by grace through faith in Jesus. 

The Voice of the Shepherd


Jesus is calling you… Have you heard his voice? The Gospel is still being preached because God loves you and has a desire for you to be saved, forgiven and in his service but first, you must respond the voice of the shepherd.

The Story of Jesus


Have you heard the story of Jesus? It is a true story about God’s only begotten son whom he sent as a saviour to rescue mankind from perishing. Listen to this message of love, hope and grace today and discover the saviour you need in Jesus. 

The Hands of the Saviour


 Jesus came to this earth over 2000 years ago on a rescue mission. Why? God’s word tells us we have fallen short of the glory of God and as a result of our sins we have been separated from the holy God. Out of love for you, Jesus came to this world and journeyed to Calvary’s cross where he laid down his life as a saviour for sinners.  

“Lord, Save Me”


Many storms and trials in life can sometimes make us fearful and feel alone but God has provided a saviour who loves us and wants to save us. His name is Jesus and he is able to meet your every need. Simply trust him! 

“What is man, that thou art mindful of him?”


What is man, that thou art mindful of him? King David was stood in wonder that God had such care for mankind. Today the same God David knew has drawn near to man through Jesus and he wants you to be saved.  Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation  Psalm 8 “Jehovah our Lord, how excellent is thy name in […]

Eternal Life given by Jesus


God has no desire for you to perish. Over 2000 years ago God sent his son, Jesus Christ to save you and redeem you. At Calvary’s cross, Jesus laid down his life to reconcile the sinner back to God.