Worthing Gospel Preachings

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Below are some Gospel preachings you can listen to from Worthing. Our hope is that listeners come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and know him as their Lord and Saviour.

Three Encounters with Christ


In the following gospel preaching, you will hear of three men who each had an encounter with the Lord Jesus. Have a listen to this message to find out what took place in each of these encounters with Christ.

The Power of God


God is able to save you and cleanse you from your sins through the work Jesus completed at Calvary’s cross. Have you been redeemed?  There is power in the blood of Jesus to save you and bring you into God’s presence. The power of God makes it possible simply believe and trust in Jesus and he will make all things new.     

Who hath believed our report?


Do you need Salvation? Do you need saving from your sins? Today by God’s grace the Gospel invitation is still being preached so that you may come to know Jesus as your Saviour. Listen to the following Gospel message to discover the love, grace and salvation of God that is available for you through the work of Christ.    

Jesus Paid It All


In Christ, you can be ransomed, healed, restored and forgiven because of the victorious work Jesus completed at calvary’s cross. Throughout history and the world today there has been many talented men and women who have made many amazing discoveries and great accomplishments. God’s word tells us one thing mankind cannot do and that is redeem the soul. Jesus has an everlasting love for you and he endured the suffering at calvary’s cross that there may be a way for sinful man to be forgiven and saved for heaven. Yes… Jesus Paid It All!



Many are searching for certainty today in politics, investment and many other avenues of life. The Gospel is preached that you may find the certainty Jesus can bring to your life when you trust in him as Lord and Saviour.   Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation  Isaiah 28:16 “Therefore thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I […]

Proclaim Good News to the Poor


Jesus came into this world to proclaim good news to the poor. You can be very wealthy in your life on Earth but spiritually poor if you are without Christ. Have you received Jesus as your saviour?

Jesus Changes Everything


Jesus Changes Everything… Accept him as your Saviour today and see how Jesus can change you. He has the power to save you from your sins by the victorious work he completed at calvary’s cross. Simply trust him!

Look and Live


Breaking Headline… God has provided the remedy for the sinner to be saved. Simply Turn your eyes upon Jesus and receive him as Lord and Saviour today. Look and Live!

Drawn Near to us in Love


God has drawn near to us through his beloved son the Lord Jesus Christ. When mankind sinned separation between us and God came in. Why? Because of the holiness and perfection of God but forgiveness and peace can be given to you through the work at calvary.