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Below you can listen to recordings of Addresses from Defford meeting.

The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation


If you open your Bible to the book of Revelation you will find there are The Seven Beatitudes of Revelation. Many of us may be aware of the eight Beatitudes in the Gospel of Matthew, but what about the seven in Revelation? 



How does a Christian grow in their walk with Christ? In the following address, you will hear what the scriptures say about growth and how we as Christians should grow in our love and appreciation of our saviour Jesus Christ.   

The Perfection of the Ways of God


There are many times in our lifetime when our own will gets in that way of God’s perfect will. The human mind thinks “I can do this myself”. In this address you will hear about the perfection of the ways of God. I trust as you listen to this address you will be encouraged to depend […]



In this address, you will hear of how in our weakness we can find strength in the Lord Jesus Christ who has the power to help us overcome our weakness. Bible Scriptures:- Matthew 11:2 Matthew 11:25 John 6:5 2 Timothy 4:16

Jesus as High Priest


In the following address you will hear what the scripture says about Jesus as High Priest. Once we have become a Christian we are not left alone to face our struggles and fears but we have Jesus with us every step of our lives. He is able to sympathise with the believer and he is continually serving us and interceding for us before the right hand of God.

Holding Fast


God’s principles don’t change even in the year of 2018. The scriptures tell us that God’s word remains forever and in this address, you will hear of the importance of holding fast to the word of God. 

5 Crowns Of Reward


There is coming a day when God will reward his people with an incorruptible crown. There are five different scriptures that refer to believers receiving crowns as a reward for being faithful and serviceable to the Lord Jesus. Listen to the following address to understand more about the crowns of scripture.