Cologne Gospel Preaching

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"Please be aware the recording in this category is a Gospel preaching from Cologne (Germany). As the Gospel was preached in English it then was translated into German for the German audience. These recordings have both the English and the German languages." I trust you are all encouraged as you listen.

“I know whom I have believed”

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This world has always been a very uncertain place no matter what the year, day or mouth is. In this Gospel preaching you will hear of  Paul the Apostle  a man who was very certain in an uncertain world in whom he believed. Right from the moment the Lord Jesus met him on the damascus road […]

God Shows us Mercy

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God shows his love, grace and mercy towards mankind in the Gospel. The Bible tells us that  our sins have separated us from the presence of God. But the Bible also tells us that God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son the Lord Jesus Christ to be a Saviour for […]