Classic Recordings

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Below are some recordings of Gospel Preachings and Addresses taken in past years now converted from tape to mp3. I trust you find them of help and an encouragement as you listen to them.

There are various meetings across the UK, Europe USA and Canada. To find out more about your local meetings, contact us via our contact page.



In this Address, you will hear of five scriptures that refer to Gates. The Lord Jesus delights in those who are faithful to Him. As you listen to this recording I trust you will be strengthened as God’s Word is taught.



In the following address, you hear a word about Manhood in perfection by the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Son of Man Must Be Lifted Up


Many throughout the ages have wounded why the Lord Jesus was lifted up. The Lord Jesus himself said this must happen to bring about salvation for mankind. In this Address you will hear why the son of man was lifted up as God’s word is opened.

Take Courage


In this Address, you will hear a message as to the path of Christian witness. Each believer should shine out as a witness for Christ whether it be at school, college or work. This is a real challenge to each one of us, But how amazing it is that we can take courage in Christ as he will help us along the path.

A Touch From the Lord


In this address, you will hear of men and women in the scriptures who had a touch from the Lord and were changed and made available for service. 

Are you Prepared for the return of Christ?


Each believer should give the Lord Jesus the first place in all things and we should be prepared for his return. The Bible tells us several times that there is coming a day when the Lord will return for his people. Are you prepared for the return of Christ? It is very easy to lose focus on the fact that Christ is coming back. As you listen to this address I trust you may be encouraged by God’s word and be ready for the return of Christ.

Almost Persuaded


King Agrippa heard the Gospel preached from the Apostle Paul and his reply was “In a little thou persuadest me to become a Christian”. Whats your answer? 

The warmth of the Saviour


In this address you will hear of the Saviour who can bring warmth and security to your soul if you turn to him. Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation Matthew 11:28 2 Kings 4:32 Luke 7:44 Acts 28:1

Spiritual Influence


In this Address, you will hear of the need for Spiritual Influence among God’s people. I trust as you listen to this recording you may be helped and encouraged.   Bible Scriptures: Mark 3:13 Mark 16:19 Ruth 1:6 Ruth 1:18 Joshua 14:6 2 Timothy 4:5