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Below you can listen to recordings of Addresses from different meetings. Most of them are from recent years but there are a few from the past as well.

There are various meetings across the UK, Europe USA and Canada. To find out more about your local meetings, contact us at

As for Me…


In this address, you will hear of four men Asaph, Micah, David and Joshua who stated their convictions to make a stand for the Lord. “As for Me…”

The Lord’s Service to his Own


God loves us and cares for us and remains faithful even when we stumble. In this address, you will hear about the service of the Lord to his own that remains constant throughout the believer’s life. 

Understanding the Times


It is very important for the people of God to understand the times we are living in so we know what to do. Listen to the following address, to discover what the scriptures say about understanding the times. 



In the following address, you will hear what the scriptures say about pursuing the things of God. God has in mind for each believer to pursue righteousness, piety, faith, love, endurance and meekness of spirit that we may grow and bear fruit for Christ.   



How does a Christian grow in their walk with Christ? In the following address, you will hear what the scriptures say about growth and how we as Christians should grow in our love and appreciation of our saviour Jesus Christ.   

God’s Anointed One


Many prophets and faithful men of God announced the coming of the Christ, God’s anointed one. God’s word remains unchanged and today the scriptures still clearly point to the Lord Jesus as God’s Anointed One. Listen to this message and discover how God has made Jesus, who was crucified, both Lord and Christ.

The Speaking of Jesus from Heaven


We can turn to many scriptures of Jesus speaking from the cross or after his resurrection. In the following address, you hear about the speaking of Jesus from heaven as a ascended Lord and Christ.



Believers must be firmly rooted in Christ in order to be a true witness and serve him faithfully. In the following address, you will hear what the scriptures say about abiding in Christ.