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Are You Ready & Available for Service?


Everyone can be used in service for the Lord and no one is excluded. God desires a people who are willing and available to serve him to establish his great purposes. Are you ready? The Lord has need of you!

Understanding the Times


It is very important for the people of God to understand the times we are living in so we know what to do. Listen to the following address, to discover what the scriptures say about understanding the times. 

Christian Service


God is not looking for volunteers, he is looking for believers to be available in some way for him. This could be as simple as giving a cup of cold water in his name. Whatever the Lord has called you to do the scriptures says BE AVAILABLE to advance further praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

What can the righteous do?


The foundations of God’s word are being destroyed today everywhere we look. Mankind says We’ve got a better answer to what God’s word says.  As a Christian what can you do? As King David asked, “What can the righteous do?” Listen to the following address, and hear from the Bible how a Christian can remain faithful when depending on the Lord.

Working for the Lord


Each believer in the Lord Jesus should have a growing desire to serve Him. There’s coming a day when the Lord Jesus will return. But while we are waiting for that blessed day we should be occupied in doing work for the Lord. Bible Scriptures: Darby Translation Isaiah 49:4 “And I said, I have laboured […]



In the following address, you hear a word about Manhood in perfection by the Lord Jesus Christ.